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The operating systems by Microsoft are widely accepted and dominate the market just about everyone uses them but unfortunately they aren't perfect. They sometimes fail close applications or reboot without a clear reason. To find out the reasons behind these errors we can use an application like AppCrashView. Find out why some programs are not working This application checks the contents of the Windows Error Reporting (WER) files that are the files in charge of storing the information regarding the errors that have happened while using Windows Vista and Windows 7 to show the user in a more or less understandable way the reason of the error. In earlier versions of Windows this function was covered by DrWtsn32. With AppCrashView we'll be able to view all the system errors thus knowing what application driver or component has caused them and giving us the possibility to fix the problem. This is something very useful when we have some incomprehensible error that doesn't usually happen because thanks to AppCrashView we'll instantly know what the problem is. This application's interface is very simple on the top part we will have a list with the errors and at the bottom all the available information in such a way that when we click on an error we will know what the WER file says about it including the possibility to generate an HTML file that we'll be able to view with our browser.

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