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If there is something really interesting about Facebook it's the possibility to upload and view photos of our friends. Many people spend lots of time remembering the past parties and old classmates. Now with Bloom you'll be able to perform this task from your desktop in a simple and quick way. The easiest way to upload pics to FB The first things that Bloom does just after starting up is ask permission to view write and download files from your Facebook account once we give it permission the program will connect to the social network to download the pics if you ask it to or upload the ones that you add by just dragging and dropping. The program is written in Java and is really simple hardly any buttons and just one big space to drag the photos folders and videos that we want to upload to our profile. Furthermore on the right we can see the properties of each image to change them if we want to. All in all if you want to upload images to Facebook but you don't like the uploader integrated into the website Bloom is a very good alternative.

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