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The Dungeon Master (DM) together with the players are essential figures in any Pen&Pencil RPG (Role Playing Game). The DM is in charge of keeping track of all the details of a campaign and the players only have to worry about their character. Now we have a tool that will be very handy to both DMs and players Hero Lab an intuitive character manager application. Hero Lab will change how you play! Main features Manage multiple characters that can be accessed instantly. Generate character sheets with support for PDF format very easy to read. Incredible presentation of the information of each character. Integration with a Tactical Console that is the perfect tool to be used by the DM. Includes the possibility to include 'house rules' as well as other material with a practical editor. Easily adjust the options and abilities of each character. Apply adjustments automatically. Real-time alerts if any of the game rules are broken. The latest version of Hero Lab supports the following game systems: 4th Edition d20 System Savage Worlds Authoring Kit Sample Mutants & Masterminds World of Darkness Cortex Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. These have to be downloaded from the application to be able to be used.

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