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If you're into RPGs set in science fiction universes you probably need a good map or universe in which to play games. With AstroSynthesis you can create a universe whenever you want thanks to its automatic generator. Create your own RPG worlds AstroSynthesis includes a 3D universe generator that takes into account the main physics chemistry and astrology laws to generate a random universe that is completely consistent. You won't find stars that are too near each other some planets will have moons and their features will make sense depending on their location. The application also generates detailed information about each planet and celestial object temperature gravity effects location of near nebula asteroid belts... It also traces interstellar routes to travel from one planet or galaxy to another thus making clear which route anyone would have to take from one planet to another and how long they would take. Furthermore its 3D view is perfect to play and move the focus so that we can always center it on the area of the universe that the PCs are moving around.

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