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If you are one of those people that when using an FTP client doesn't need a lot of features that you will probably never use (like it happens to the majority of us) you should use a simpler more stable and quicker application like FreshFtp before an application with hundreds of features implementations and new options that you will end up never using. The easiest-to-use FTP client This small client will only connect to the server that you tell it to to upload or download the files like any other FTP client. What's more it has support to pause the data transfer and reconnect if necessary. Like any good FTP client it also includes a site and server manager to make the connections easier. What's more if we need to transfer a great number of files FreshFtp allows the simultaneous upload and download of files. So now you know if you need a really simple FTP client that is easy-to-use FreshFtp is an option to take into account due to its capacity to manage both local files and folders as well as remote ones.

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