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Sometimes to carry out a task it isn't necessary to have the most complete software of the market and by only having the necessary features well implemented it is enough. That is the general idea behind SoftMaker Office an office suite that has nothing to envy of the ever-powerful Microsoft Office in some fields. A great alternative to Microsoft Office SoftMaker Office is perfectly compatible with the DOCX and XLSX file formats used by Word and Excel in their 2007 version and they can be opened without any problems with TextMaker and PlanMaker the text processor and spreadsheet of this office suite. What's more SoftMaker Office includes Presentations the application for presentation creation that is presented as a rival to be beaten by PowerPoint because it includes very good animations using DirectX (the 2D and 3D Windows libraries). Moreover as a luxury component it includes BasicMaker a Visual Basic or VBA code editor that allows the user to create small scripts for the rest of the suite's applications.

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