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On many occasions you will need to take screen captures of a website. Nevertheless many of the programs for this purpose force you to resort to complex graphic editing applications to be able to get the desired result once the capture has been taken. SiteShoter is capable of simplifying this procedure. You will only have to configure the software according to your needs and start taking captures. It is possible to customize the final size of the image to program the software to take captures every certain amount of time or to disable the JavaScript and Flash elements from a web to carry out the captures. The screen captures that you complete can be stored in different formats like PNG JPEG TIFF and GIF. It is also possible to use SiteShoter to convert HTML files from your hard drive to image files. What's more you will be able to use the software properly by means of its delicate simple and functional interface or from the command line. If you opt for the first option you will only have to specify the URL and a location to place the resulting file on your computer to take and save the captures. If you want to complete website captures and you want to save yourself the bothersome procedure of editing the images later you should try SiteShoter.

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