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Switch is the eighth-generation console from Nintendo and its main difference regarding the Xbox and PlayStation is its hybrid nature as it's a crossover between a portable and desktop video console. It doesn't intend to compete with Sony and Microsoft's devices but to offer a totally different gaming experience conceived for those users that want to enjoy gaming in its purest form without worrying about hyperrealistic experiences. The Nintendo Switch emulator for PC And as couldn't be otherwise we've ended up with an emulator for this console that runs on a computer allowing us to play all its games on our desktop. We're talking about yuzu developed by the same guys behind Citra for both Windows and Android. The emulator is still under development therefore many of these games don't run flawlessly. However as it receives updates these bugs and other errors will get fixed. Amongst the different games available we have to point out the Switch versions of Mario Pokémon Zelda... and even Doom. In any case if you're going to download this to your PC don't forget to connect your gamepads to your computer OK?

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