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Disk Doctors File Shredder For Windows Reviews

Disk Doctors File Shredder is an application the purpose of which is to securely eliminate any document. Like the old paper shredders but in digital format this software allows us to choose various ways of eliminating data securely. Normally when we delete a file it isn't totally deleted still allowing the possibility to recover it. That is why programs like Disk Doctors File Shredder are so important when we are trying to eliminate documents or files in the most secure way. The methods are simple: writing thousands of times in the exact place where the files used to be encrypting files and writing it in the areas in which the files used to be and then deleting it ... Get rid of files safely How Disk Doctors File Shredder works is very simple it allows us to place all the files that we want to delete in a task queue and once we have finished selecting them we can start the process. It is normally fast and simple but it may take some time for very big files that are fragmented. One of the most interesting functions is to protect launching the program by means of a password. Thus making sure that only you can delete things securely. The interface of Disk Doctors File Shredder is very simple and understanding how it works will just be a question of working with it for a couple of minutes.

Disk Doctors File Shredder For Windows Download

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