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STOIK PanoramaMaker is a simple program so that you can easily create panoramic photographs. On many occasions when we see beautiful scenery we would like to immortalize the panoramic view in a photograph with a 180º image to be able to appreciate how spectacular the scenery really is. With this tool we will manage to do so in three steps. Get stunning panoramic photos In the first place we have to select the photographs that we want to join in the proper order. Once we have selected them we have to choose the configuration options that most interest us and STOIK PanoramaMaker will analyze the images to manage the best merging as possible. Once it has finished this analysis it will show us the result. If we are aren't sure about the result we can vary the configuration to obtain other results. Finally we will export the final image. If after analyzing the images the application can merge the photographs it will offer us the possibility to do so manually. By means of a virtual thumbtack we can compose the images however we like. With STOIK PanoramaMaker we will be able to get spectacular panoramic images without needing to use a complex image editor.

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