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jMultiFilesAndDirsCopy solves one of the problems that Windows has suffered for a long time: losing files due to a failed copying process. It is a more than usual case for the Windows Explorer to collapse when copying too much information to such a point where it may even be necessary to relaunch it which isn't very good for the integrity of our files and that can be solved with this software. Forget about losing files due to an error in just one doc Thanks to this program developed in Java copying files and folders will be a lot more secure because it is a software application focused on this sole purpose. It will offer us the possibility to add the files or folder of our choice to another location and no matter how many they are jMultiFilesAndDirsCopy will move then without any problem. Once the process is finished we will also be able to configure it to delete the original files. Furthermore if we think that many files may be duplicated we can indicate to jMultiFilesAndDirsCopy to do what we want with them: always overwrite overwrite if the file is newer or not to copy the new file.

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