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PureText is a simple yet effective application that will allow anyone to copy a text as plain text when copying rich text from a website or any document avoiding any type of format being included in the destination file. And all this process in a nearly automatic way so as to avoid all the time that can be lost taking away the format manually from a text when we don't require it. Automatically paste text as plain text With PureText we will be able to take away the format by simply using a keyboard shortcut. By default the application uses Windows+V to paste without format but it offers the possibility to choose any other shortcut. The rich text format elements that are eliminated with PureText are the font style the color the paragraph styles the margins the tables and the images. The application includes an option box where we will be able to change the shortcut or configure the actions that will take place when we use the shortcut (paste the plain text in the current window and play a sound).

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