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There is a very extended memorization technique that consists of trying to remember the words associated with a number. This technique tries to take advantage of how our brain works because it is easier for us to memorize a word instead of a number especially if it is long. 010 Memorizer is a software that will help us to use this technique. Learn how to improve your memory This software has a dictionary and associates the numbers to certain letters in such a way that when we input a figure it will divide it into different parts trying to make its phonetics to be similar to that of another word that the dictionary contains in such a way that it manages to form a sentence that will remind us the number. The application will allow the user to customize the dictionary to include more words to customize the mapping algorithm. To sum it up 010 Memorizer is an interesting software that will help us to remember telephone numbers ID Numbers PIN numbers security codes etc...

010 Memorizer For Windows Download

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