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If you are looking for a complete text editor focused on programming maybe jEdit is just what you need. Programmed in Java it incorporates many more add-ons than the majority of its competitors. A text editor with endless possibilities If you write code with jEdit you will be able to make the most of this application as it includes a wide range of add-ons for different functions that will avoid you from having to resort to other applications. And furthermore if you can't find the tool you need you can always create your own plug-ins and macros that adapt to your needs. Features Redo/undo actions for different operations. Online help. Use many working windows. Optimised file management. Adapted to more than a hundred programming languages including Java Perl PHP HTML C C++ Pascal... Customisable syntax by means of editing XML files. Add-on manager to download plug-ins. Creation of macros. Download jEdit and make use of one of the most complete text editors available that will make your tasks much easier when it comes to working with code.

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