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If you are one of the many Internet users that are always searching for bargains on eBay this program will really help you in this task. Bid-O-Matic is a software program that will allow you to monitor each one of the bids that you want to track with ease. Manage your online bids You will only have to add the ID of each article Bid-O-Matic will store them and organize them in a list depending on the time left for each auction. Bid-O-Matic will show us our maximum bid if anyone has outbid it the time left and other data about the current bid like the name of the article. Furthermore in the case that there is an option to buy the article immediately we will also be able to see the indicator. If you are tracking a lot of articles in My eBay but would prefer to manage everything from the desktop Bid-O-Matic also offers task automation when it comes to updating or bidding as well as being able to connect directly to your eBay account to perform all the operations without having to open the browser. To sum up this software has been made to make it easier for those people that follow eBay to perform all the different tasks that affect their bids.

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