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On the current market there are many packet analyzers but the vast majority of them can only be used from a command-line terminal because they don't have a graphic user interface (GUI) something that makes them more complicated to use. Packetyzer is a sniffer based on Ethereal with a very practical graphic interface thanks to which detecting and analyzing problems in any network will be a lot easier. The program is capable of capturing data from any network adapter available in the system. Main features Decoding of more than 700 protocols (IEEE 802.11 IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN and 802.1q Virtual LAN among many others). Detailed packet captures. Packet filtering by IP or protocol. Compatibility with the majority of market standards (Novell's LANalyzer Cisco Secure IDS iplog NetXray AIX's iptrace WildPackets EtherPeek and AiroPeek). If you're looking for a program to sniff packets and analyze them that offers a practical graphical interface and that's totally free you should try out Packetyzer.

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