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TrustPort Antivirus is a complete solution for the security problems that your computer can suffer like for example a virus spam spyware phishing problems etc... It detects threats on your hard drive on the websites that you visit and in the email and its attached files. It's a very complete antivirus because it includes various scanning engines that assure a higher reliability when it comes to detecting and eliminating threats. This protection is completed with its heuristics search engine that is capable of detecting recently created malicious software thanks to the database's frequent updates. Once we install the application TrustPort Antivirus gives expert users the opportunity to configure the search engines that it includes: Dr.Web Norman and AVG. Once launched we will be able to activate the protection modules that form part of it to our own liking: - Residential protection to overlook files that have been opened recently. - Selective scanning to scan all the hard drive or only the files that we choose to scan. - Email antivirus that scans the inbound mail for malware. - Antispam module that blocks unwanted mail. - Internet antivirus that protect you while you browse. - Parental control that blocks the websites that we tell it to so that we can protect our children.

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