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KoolMoves offers its users a wide variety of options to be able to make their websites original and stunning places for the users that visit them. KoolMoves is the perfect tool to create flash animations that you will later be able to include on your website making it more dynamic. But not only that: create banners animated texts buttons multimedia presentations adverts introduction pages ... To do so KoolMoves offers you many sample files predesigned images flash templates effects that you can apply to your text and/or images the possibility to include sound to your animations from WAV or MP3 files etc. To work with KoolMoves you can import image video and sound files in the following formats among others: WMF BMP WAV MP3 BMP JPG TIF PCX EMF ... And create animated GIFs from BMP files and export the animations that we have created to SWF (the Flash format). One of the most important things to take into account of KoolMoves is its accessibility in other words how easy it is to access and use for all users regardless of their knowledge about web animation.

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