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Scan all your network with a single click of the mouse thanks to professional Look at Net this software will allow you to scan all the network the open ports and the packs that are sent and received on any computer. Using this software is really simple to start off it is only necessary to select the network interface that we want to test. Once selected all the computers connected to the network will appear in the program and we'll be able to start testing and obtaining information about them. Furthermore professional Look at Net offers us the possibility to manipulate the IP address and the network device mask that we want with the “Add IP address/mask” and “Delete IP address/mask” commands. And all this without having to resort to complicated menus or strange configurations. Another of the advantages of professional Look at Net is that it occupies very little space so it is perfect to be taken with us on a USB pendrive to be able to easily scan a network no matter where we are.

professional Look at Net For Windows Download

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