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The universe has always fascinated mankind since time long forgotten there have always been people that have looked towards the sky in search of answers and now thanks to WorldWide Telescope you'll be able to look up to the sky without leaving your computer. Microsoft has placed at everyone's disposal all kinds of information about the universe that can be used by any user to get the general picture of how everything works as well as offering the possibility to explore other galaxies or any known planet. With WorldWide Telescope it's possible to travel through space in predefined flights so it won't be difficult to tell the application that we want to travel to a specific planet or be able to see a galaxy from the point of view of a satellite with the possibility to choose between 50 different ones. Moreover Microsoft has made a series of additional downloads available that include new tours as well as some models and updates to the map of the universe that will make sure that we never get tired of looking at the contents of WorldWide Telescope.

WorldWide Telescope For Windows Download

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