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Based on the Pokémon video game series PokeOne is an online MMORPG that incorporates an online competitive game mode that allows two or more friends to play at once in an environment with 3D graphics. A new adventure this time in 3D The fans of the games of this series we'll find everything they expect in a Pokémon video game: all the creatures with their moves skills and capabilities including the seventh generation Pokémons with their mega stones and Z crystals. The game is developed in 3D but it allows us to enable a 2D camera. In other words this game here is a new adventure where you can breed your own Pokémons and train them to make them invincible. You'll be able to take part in daily challenges such as fighting against different final bosses and although you won't be able to catch them they'll provide you with money training experience and unique items. Download this must-have game for all worthy fans of the Pokémon franchise.

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