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Drive Manager is a complete free disk unit manager that allows the user to know the functioning of each and every one of the elements. It is valid both for the analysis of internal as well as external and removable drives including CDs and DVDs and it's capable of showing quite a lot of information about the drives units. Information provided Drive Manager can be launched without any need to install the application on your computer. Among the information that it's capable of offering you'll be able to find: Name of the device. Serial number of the devices. Kind of drive. Format. Space used and available. Date and time. Details of the vendor ... The software updates automatically every 30 seconds even though it's also possible to update it manually. Furthermore it includes the possibility to change the letter of any drive or hide drives so that the Windows Explorer doesn't see it thus making it only visible from the application. If you want to keep control of all your drives Drive Manager is your program.

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