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HippoEDIT is a text editor that has been designed specifically to be used by programmers because it includes a set of tools that have been developed to be able to work with different languages as well as having a totally customized interface that you will be able to add the toolbars and functions of your choice only having to click a couple of times. The program is capable of working with HTML JavaScript Perl Python PHP Java C++ Visual Basic Pascal Assemble XML SQL C# and Ruby among other programming languages and furthermore it allows you to export your products in TXT PDF and HTML to be able to share your work. Main features Integrated commands that can be accessed via keyboard shortcuts. Function to preview the progress. Auto-complete and suggestion system for the code. Capacity to color the syntax and quickly differentiate each language. Tab-based interface. Integrated file and project explorer. If you are a programmer and you are looking for a stable and eye-catching tool that is very complete try out HippoEDIT as soon as possible.

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