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STOIK Smart Resizer allows you to change the size of any image with the best results including the photos taken with your mobile phone. It's a complete solution for photography enhancement especially in those cases in which the resolution and the quality of your photographs isn't high enough. What's more you will be able to print the result in a comfortable and efficient way. Modify the size of your pictures This software application has a great capacity to modify the size of the images without losing any quality. This is possible thanks to a new “Smart Resize” algorithm that will allow an increase in size of up to 1 000% while obtaining a clear result. Furthermore the Batch mode will provide you with a simple and intuitive way to create your own photo presentations. Its internal image search engine will make it easier to search among all the files... Many of the possibilities of STOIK Smart Resizer can be found in the resize panel on the right of the screen. Here you'll have shortcuts to the editors where you can change the pixels that are part of your image even using the printing possibilities of this application.

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