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BDtoAVCHD allows you to create discs in the AVCHD high definition format parting from a Blu-ray disco to an MKV file. It is a useful tool to adapt to the high definition era allowing you to create discs with an outstanding quality image. It is very easy to use and allows to select some configurations. Be ready for HD with this converter The AVCHD (Advanced Video Codec High Definition) format is a high definition recording format that was launched by Sony and Panasonic to be able to compete with the HDV and MiniDV formats. Among the advantages of these new formats it is worth highlighting that they allow random access in other words that you can access a part of the recording without having to rewind nor advance. BDtoACHD is a good opportunity to enjoy the high definition format. BDtoAVCHD works in a very simple way: you have to select the Blu-ray disc or MKV file that you want to convert and the folder where you want to save the output file. After the conversion BDtoAVCHD has created a folder structure prepared to be recorded in a DVD5 or DVD9 compressing the video to manage to obtain the exact size for the DVD with the best possible quality.

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