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The possibilities that an operating system such as Windows offers its users are many but not all are available or enabled by default. Occasionally the decisions of righteous developers have deprived us of using certain hidden functions on our system until the arrival of DigiTweak. DigiTweak permits through the modification of the Windows registry to activate over 1000 hidden functions like changing the color of the MS-DOS console or the management of permissions for program installation and uninstallation. Main features Control Panel: to make changes to this Windows utility. Hardware: manage everything related to your physical devices such as hard drives printers keyboard mouse ... System: allows you to make modifications to diverse parts of the operating system from matters related to appearance or security to changes in the file system or services configuration. Network: from here you can modify the TCP/IP protocol for example establish a maximum amount of connections LAN preferences remote access... Start Menu: modify the Start menu or My Documents folder elements to your taste. These are just some of the things you can do from DigiTweak. To discover the rest of its options you should try out the program with which you will be able to keep your Windows operating system completely optimized. Download DigiTweak and make the right adjustments to enjoy your PC to the full.

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