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STOIK Imagic is one of the most complete applications with which you will be able to view manage and edit your photographs and videos. Most people have vast amounts of digital photographs and videos on their computers. STOIK Imagic gathers all the functions that you may need to handle all this audiovisual material. What's more it stands out due to its speed and ease of use. View organize and customize your pictures The list of functions of STOIK Imagic is very long: on the one hand it is a photograph and video viewer with which we will be able to view them in presentation mode; it is also a complete file organizer and cataloger that is very easy to use; and last of all it is a still photo and video editor. Some people may think that with so many functions the edition tools that it includes are minor but it is the total opposite. With STOIK Imagic we will be able to apply a large number of effects to the photographs fix their saturation brightness and contrast crop them or create screensavers. What's more we can edit our videos in the most simple way. STOIK Imagic is an all-in-one application that will be really useful to manage all our audiovisual material.

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