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ZenOK is powerful security solution that accomplishes two different missions: on the one hand it protects your computer against virus attacks and on the other hand it avoids data being lost from your PC by carrying out backups of your data (option that is only available if you pay before hand). Norton McAfee Panda ... are important names in what regards to computer security solutions but they are normally rather expensive. For the general domestic user there are other great quality free (or low cost) alternatives that perfectly cover their needs. One of these is ZenOK. What protection does ZenOK offer? The most important features are the following: - Free protection against virus boots rootkits worms and trojans. - Real-time scanning free of charge that will intercept any danger from the Internet email or instant messenger applications. - Detects the so called “Zero-day attacks”. - Free automatic updates that take place every hour. - Create backups (pay option). If you are looking for an application that detects and eliminates any malicious software on your computer without being a load for the system download ZenOK.

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