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DirSync or Directory Synchronize Pro synchronizes folders on your hard drives. It is the task that it has been developed for and it accomplishes it perfectly. Simply indicating the origin and destination the software will easily perform an incremental synchronization. The configuration of the tasks is very simple with a menu that is easy to fill in which the majority of default options are all very useful DirSync provides an easy and quick way to synchronize and copy files automatically between several folders. Sync all your folders Thus with DirSync we will be able to save the documents that we use at work on an external hard drive every day when we finish working. We will also be able to perform back up copies of the folders and the subfolders that we believe necessary. DirSync will take all the necessary time to finish all the tasks that we indicate to perform one by one. DirSync also includes a server to be able to use it remotely and it can even send an email associated with any event (start and finish a task for example). Without a doubt one of the most complete synchronization programs that can be found.

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