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Nintendo 3DS is the portable video console developed by Nintendo that's still on the market. It was released back in 2011 and since then it has sold over 75 million units all over the world. Well if you want to play its huge catalog of games on your PC you only have to download a 3DS emulator for Windows of the likes of TronDS. Enjoy playing the 3DS on your PC screen It's a very simple development that hardly takes up any space on your hard drive and for which purpose you'll have to figure out for yourself how to download the games as they aren't included as is usual in this kind of software. This emulator is capable of bringing the gaming experience of this portable device to our Windows desktop. And thanks to the latter we can enjoy wonderful titles of the likes of The Legend of Zelda Super Mario Bros Kingdom Hearts Super Robot Wars Metal Gear Solid or Monster Hunter 4 all the latter with their special editions for Nintendo 3DS.

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