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Most people use one instant messenger system or another to communicate with their work mates friends or family and there are even those that use different ones depending on the use that they are going to give it. One of the problems of having various accounts for each situation is having to handle various clients at the same time. One Instant Messenger is a client that will allow us to gather all of our instant messenger accounts in a single interface allowing us to manage each account separately and communicate with different contact depending on the protocol that we use. The application is compatible with AIM ICQ IRC MSN and Jabber what's more by a plug-in system we can add other services like Gadu-Gadu Skype Yahoo! or Netsend among others. Another of the appealing features of One Instant Messenger is its function to be able to work as a portable application (allowing us to take all our instant messenger services with us on a USB memory) or its capacity to be used as an RSS reader. If you want an application with which to communicate with everyone One Instant Messenger can be the tool that you were looking for.

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