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On some occasions it can happen that due to the need of using passwords to access many of the applications that we use we may forget them or confuse them easily and unless we want to lose part of our work we will have to remember them. SpotAuditor is an application by means of which we can rescue any password that we have used on various programs like Internet Explorer Firefox Opera Outlook Express MSN Windows Live Messenger Windows Live Messenger Google Talk Notifier Google Desktop ICQ Trillian Miranda IM Easy Web Cam RDP VNC VPN WinProxy SmartFTP Far WS_FTP CuteFTP FileZilla FlashFXP SecureFX and many more. What's more you will be able to export your passwords in different formats to be able to store them in the format that suits you best (HTML TXT MDB or XML) and thus remember them whenever you need them again. If you have lost the password of an important program and you want to recover it easily download SpotAuditor.

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