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Vampix is a simple application that will allow you to carry out a specific enhancement on images: eliminate all the color information of the photograph with the exception of one tone. Thus you will see a black and white image that will only conserve one color. For example you will be able to take away the color from a person's portrait except the blue color of the eyes. This effect is very striking and with Vampix very easy to apply. To start off you have to select the image that you want to enhance. You'll see two windows with the photograph: the original on the right and the same image in black and white. To select the color that you want to conserve you'll only have to click on the image on the left where you'll have to choose the selected tone. Vampix will only show that color tone. Vampix also allows you to view the image like a mask: the white areas will be the ones that will keep the color and the black are those that will eliminate the information. To adjust the selection of the tone you have a set of saturation controls with which you can isolate the exact color that you want with precision. Creating this striking effect on your photos is very simple with Vampix.

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