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Connecting to the Internet with the mobile connections offered by phone operators is an odyssey on some occasions: when the coverage doesn't fail it is because the network has crashed or is saturated. What's more each operator offers its specific applications but it is difficult to find generic and free software dedicated to making portable and mobile devices access the Internet easier. The solution is MWconn a free application with which you'll be able to test the coverage of the GPRS/UMTS networks available and that will also make the connection process to these networks by means of your mobile or laptop easier. MWconn operates in the two most common kinds of mobile connections: GPRS and UMTS (3G) and is compatible with a vast range of PCMCIA cards and USB modems. To use it for the first time you'll have to configure the application with the data provided by your mobile Internet service provider and choose the kind of connection that you want to establish. Once the application has been started you will have access to data like the upload and download speed of the connection the quality of the connection the battery status etc.

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