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Have you forgotten your Messenger password? Don't worry. Thanks to SpotMSN you will be able to recover it instantly. The nightmare of not being able to access to your Messenger account and loosing all the contacts that you have built as time has gone by due to a small memory loss has an easy solution thanks to this powerful tool. To do so you have to have stored the password that you are looking for on your computer on some occasion because the program analyzes your hard drive to find it. It is no good if you have only accessed your instant messenger client from your office PC and try to recover the password from your home. How it works is very simple when we launch it we have to activate the Recover Passwords option that will search the hard drive in search of users and passwords stored both on Messenger as well as on Windows Live providing us a report about what it has found in the program's window. The download that we offer is a trial version that will show you how the program works and with which we will be able to try to detect a user account but to see the password you will have to buy your license. Deciding if it is worth it is up to you.

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