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Both when it comes to presenting a document as well as when it comes to completing any kind of design one of the most important things to be taken into account is the font that we decide to use because depending on the one that we choose it will be easier for us to read the document or we'll highlight certain parts. Create your OpenType and PostScript fonts The OpenType and PostScript font types that are mainly used in the design and publishing applications by Adobe are much easier to customize than the classic TrueType fonts. Adobe Type Manager is an OpenType and PostScript font manager that as well as allowing us to open this kind of fonts will make it easier for us to organize and print them. The program has a very simple interface from which we can add fonts to a list so that we can later group them and be able to access them in a more simple way. If you work with OpenType and PostScript and you're looking for a manager to be able to have them more at hand download and install Adobe Type Manager.

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