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If you have a good photograph collection from here at we propose an original idea that will dazzle your friends: transform them into a film that includes a sound track and transitions. To do so we have an application that makes the whole process easier: Foto2Avi. Foto2Avi is a specific program designed to convert your photographs and video to AVI MPEG or FLV format. At the same time it makes it possible to add a good number of effects like transitions filters distort subtitles etc... What's more it offers the possibility to synchronize the songs and sounds with the video that has been generated. As a result we can obtain amazing videos that excel due to their originality and creativity. To sum up Foto2Avi becomes a real video editor with the advantage of making working with images easier. Download the latest version of Foto2Avi and enjoy the latest updates like an improved interface and support for high definition.

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