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Music Morpher is an application that includes useful tools to manipulate your audio files edit them or apply filters and effects. With Music Morpher you will be able to vary the tempo the tone or to eliminate a specific amount of frequencies at the same time that it allows you to edit the songs the cover of the album or to burn your music onto a CD. With Music Morpher you'll be able to make your songs and recordings have original effects and sound in a surprising way. By only selecting the audio file Music Morpher will allow you to apply filters that convert your voice into the voice of a robot or that your favorite singer sounds with a squeaky voice. But Music Morpher can go even further. It has a useful audio editor with which you will be able to crop the songs or select only part of them. It also has a converter to transform the audio to different formats. Music Morpher also contains a tool to record your music on a CD create a cover and organize your entire music library. If you like your music Music Morpher offers you a pack of tools so that you can modify it to your own liking.

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