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Professional photographers use as well as very good cameras and illumination equipment photo edition and enhancement software that helps them to improve the resulting image that they have got from the camera. Now we can improve our images with Photomizer an application that after analyzing a photograph manipulates it in a non-destructive way and in general presents an image that is usually a lot better than the original because it enhances the colors and the intensity of the light. The program regulates the contrast color tone saturation and the white balance as well as recognizing the focused objects to make them stand out in the image. It is compatible with the following files: JPG BMP TIFF RAW CRW ORF 3FR NEF RAF NRW DNG and CR2. It is also capable of recognizing EXIF and GEO data by means of which we can locate where the photos were taken and view all the information that is relevant to them. Make everyone envy your shots thanks to Photomizer.

Photomizer For Windows Download

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