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Even though MP3 sound perfectly it can happen that some of its data it wrongly processed or may be missing information like the name of the album that it belongs to or the year in which it was edited. If you are one of those people that like to have their MP3 files ready MP3 Diags identifies one by one all the problems that there may be MP3 and allows you to fix the majority of them. It is capable of detecting and solving all kinds of duplications wrong placed tags low quality audio lack of track information or VBR encoding standardization of the data that is missing as well as character encoding issues. The program combs your hard drives in search of corrupt or incomplete MP3 files allowing to add more data automatically. In total it is capable of detecting more than 50 different kinds of problems allowing to solve the majority of the cases automatically in batches. There are various different applications that perform some of the functions of MP3 Diags but this is the only one in which we can centralize all the problems about our music files.

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