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My Flash Recovery is a rather simple utility with which you will be able to recover data from external hard drives and USB storage devices. The greatest appeal of the application lies in its interface thanks to which it is very simple to be able to look for files and once found be able to quickly restore them. After launching the program the analysis menu will appear in which we will be able to indicate the kind of process to perform (Quick Scan for a quick check or Deep Scan for a thorough one) and if we are looking for a specific kind of format or file. Once we have configured the application we'll be able to launch the search that once finished will show us the results in a similar window to that of the Windows Explorer from which we will be able to save the files that we want. If due to an accident you have eliminated important documents and files from your pendrive or external hard drive you may need to use a tool like My Flash Recovery that allows you to quickly recover them.

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