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One of the biggest problems that has arisen due to communications by email is SPAM (unwanted mail) because due to how much it has spread it may happen to us that we waste hours of our free time trying to distinguish between real mail and unwanted mail. To be able to avoid this we can use SPAMfighter a software application that has been specifically designed to be able to eliminate all the SPAM before we download it to our email client offering support for Outlook Outlook Express Windows Mail Mozilla Thunderbird and Exchange Server. Once we start using it we will have to mark a set of parameters to the application in such a way that it will be able to differentiate between wanted and unwanted contents. As well as that the application allows the user to create both a whitelist as well as a blacklist to mark those addresses that are certain to be secure or insecure. Among the program's advanced options that are only available in the paid version we will find the possibility to adjust the mail filters sensibility or even the possibility to automatically deny access to emails in foreign languages allowing the user to choose which languages to deny from a list. Therefore if you are fed up of receiving SPAM and you are still looking for a program that will help you avoid receiving any download and install SPAMfighter.

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