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Are you tired of changing one detail in dozens of files one after the other? Do you hate to modify a small piece of text in thousands of copies? Have you made a programming command and you have to fix is lots of times? Don't worry WildEdit will give you a hand. This application is capable of searching for a text chain in any file that we indicate it to and once found substitute it for another. Thus we can automate many things. And what's more we can undo up to 10 changes. To start working WildEdit will ask in which folder it can find the files that contain the text followed by the fragment that is has to look for (a telephone for example) and its substitute (the new telephone) after this it will start working and in a few seconds we will have all the text updated. What's more we can indicate a series of filters by kind of file codification etc.... to make sure that WildEdit finds and changes exactly what we want it to.

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