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Having all our photos properly cataloged and all our videos appropriately tagged is something really important if we want to remember exactly when and where they were taken. MediaShow is an application that will take care of doing this and much more with your multimedia files. Using One-Click Fixes technology MediaShow integrates several applications that make your photos a lot more appealing and optimize your videos. Thus your photos will gain in luminosity and color and the videos in image quality. What's more the software will also be able to create slideshow presentations or even to convert the videos and optimize the photos to transfer them to a portable player. MediaShow is aware that we are in the web services era so it offers us the possibility to upload the photos to Flickr or Facebook with the corresponding tags (with all the people that are included in them) and the videos to YouTube. The videos can be edited in a really simple way to be able optimize them the same way that the photos can also be enhanced slightly to be able to eliminate red eyes for example. Furthermore MediaShow will recognize the faces of all the people that appear in the photos.

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