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You've probably seen the acronym HDR associated with photography or image editing programs on more than one occasion. If you don't know what HDR is all about you should know that it stands for high dynamic range images and refers to a series of techniques that offer a higher dynamic range regarding the lighting between clear and dark areas of an image. Some consider it the best HDR editor Programs of the likes of Photoshop are equipped with tools capable of applying these techniques to photo editing but there's no need to download Adobe's program if there are easier alternatives around such as Aurora HDR by Macphun developed in collaboration with the famous HDR photographer Trey Ratcliff. The most natural and realistic lighting effects. Keeping things short you can use this program to apply HDR techniques to images that you can turn into luminous scenes balancing out each and every area of the photo without even noticing that it has been enhanced. These are the main features and functions offered to the user: Dozens of smart color controls. High-quality presets for all styles and HDR modes. Multiple layers. Powerful detail clarity and structure controls. Luminosity mask. Customized textures. Reduction of pixelation noise. Over 60 different tools. Works as a complement to other tools such as Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom. This software also stands out for its speed when it comes to applying effects. Thanks to its presets you can obtain quick results in just a few seconds. There are many positive opinions about Aurora HDR for Mac turning it into one of the best editors of its category so you shouldn't hesitate to download its trial version to see if it's worthwhile purchasing the full product. What's new in the latest version? The new Aurora HDR 2019 for macOS operating systems comes along with loads of new features relative to image editing and file exporting: It implements new looks to enhance and stylize images. The HDR Details Boost filter has been optimized for real-time high-resolution tuning. The Adjustable Gradient filter has also been improved with new controls for Shadows and Highlights. It adds support for more plug-ins such as Imagenomic Portraiture Nik Collection and Photolemur 3.0.

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