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We're here to talk about an essential software for the daily routine of any Mac user that usually works with plenty of documentation as it's more than likely that at some point you've deleted data that you've ended up missing. And you've probably emptied the recycling bin to gain some extra free space. Well TrashMagic allows you to recover that data you thought you had lost forever. It doesn't matter if you removed it hours days or weeks ago this software has plenty of possibilities of recovering that data. Bear in mind that this application can't recover files that you removed before installing it on your computer. It's not a data recovery software although it behaves as so once installed but only on your hard drive. Bring a smart bin to your Mac with its autorecovery and emptying functions. How to use TrashMagic? You've only got to enable the protection for the software to store everything that you send to the recycling bin. Therefore the program stored everything in its cache to be able to quickly recover it in the case of need because you've deleted it accidentally or because you already regret removing it. Once you've chosen the file to be recovered TrashMagic will show it to you and you can drag it over to the Finder once again. You can configure the program so that it automatically empties the recycling bin on Mac OS X so you'll always have it empty and be able to recover any deleted information if you need to.

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