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Have you accidentally deleted a file and you don't know how to recover it? Thanks to O&O DiskRecovery you will have options to try to recover it. O&O DiskRecovery is a file recovery utility that scans each sector of your hard drive in search of damaged files or those that have been recently eliminated. By means of algorithms that have been specifically designed for this purpose it tries to rebuild as much as possible the data lost to be able to restore it. But not only that it is also capable of restoring the file system data that has been deleted. How O&O DiskRecovery works is very simple even for beginner users. You only have to follow the steps indicated by the guided assistant that basically consists in choosing the unit to be scanned launch a file search and select the files to be restored. The main features of O&O DiskRecovery are: - Recover damaged or deleted files. - Restore data from file system data. - Recognize more than 350 extension and file versions. - Compatible with memory cards.

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