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Boomerang for Google Mail is a really useful tool. With this add-on for Firefox we can schedule at what time we want an email to be sent. This can come very in handy if we have to send an email at a time at which we won't be able to be online. We only have to tell Boomerang for Gmail that we want to send the email an hour later in two days time or in a week for instance. Email reminders. Interesting functions Send an email later: you only have write the message and click on the Send later button. You'll be able to choose the perfect moment to send it. As a reminder: when you have an open message click on the Boomerang for Google Mail button and indicate when you're going to need the email. The message will be saved and return to your inbox as unread whenever you want it to. As an alert for unreplied emails: if you have sent an email and you want Boomerang for Google Mail to notify you in a week's time you can easily configure it to do so. Expand the possibilities of your email manager with Boomerang for your Gmail account.

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