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There are many programs with which it is possible to check the speed of the hard drives of a computer but none of them is so easy to use or as light as DiskBench. Unlike other Benchmark applications this program only measures the hard drive speed leaving the test of other system components aside. Main tools From a very clear and simple interface the program will allow to carry out five different tests to the hard drives of any computer: Copy File: That measures the speed at which it is capable of reading and writing a single file. Copy Directory: That shows the result of copying a full file folder. Create File: That creates a file with a constant 128-byte chain that according to the program's designer is the best method to measure the speed of a hard drive on a computer with a single hard drive. Read File: Shows the response time of a hard drive when it comes to reading any file. Create File Batch: That will give as a result the writing speed of a hard drive when working with multiple files at the same time. Therefore if you want a simple tool that shows the real speed at which the hard drive of your computer works download and install DiskBench.

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