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123Tag is a useful tool that will allow you to edit all the information contained in the tags of any MP3 music file. The tags of this kind of file contain metadata with different information like the name of the album title of the song artist and description. These tags are useful when it comes to cataloging and classifying the files. The tags will allow you to classify the files by different categories and they will also make it easier to find songs using different criteria. Sort your collection of songs by means of tags This application is a powerful tag editor. You will only have to open the files and the metadata that they contain will appear. You will be able to modify the title artist album year genre description composer and other data about the songs. 123Tag allows to catalog all the themes depending on the criteria of your own choice and to easily complete searches. 123Tag can import playlists directly from other applications to catalog them or include new tags and even allows to play the songs from the same application. Thanks to 123Tag you will be able to have all your music collection classified and ordered so that it becomes a lot easier to locate any song.

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